Panama Corporation

Panama Corporation Package 2 — US $1190- Panama IBC incorporation documents with Apostille - Memorandum and Articles of Association - Share certificate (s) for Panama IBC - Minutes of the first meeting of the Panama company - Power of Attorney - Resignation letters of the nominee directors - Register of shareholders and directors of the Panama offshore company

  • Nominee director service first year
  • Registered agent services first year for the offshore company
  • Registered office first year
  • Express mail delivery
  • First year Government fee

The General Corporation Law, Law 32 of February 26, 1927 was passed to introduce legislation that would enable Panama International Business Corporation to operate effectively on a global scale. This legislation makes the Panama Corporation flexible and has provisions that simplify the company incorporation process.

Panama Corporation Incorporation — Requirements and Advantages

  • Our highly professional Panama company incorporation services
  • Wide range of corporation trade names available
  • Nominees can be an usually used to incorporate Panama Corporations
  • Minimum of three directors for Panama companies.
  • The names and addresses of the directors are filed at the Mercantile Registry; therefore nominee services are available for Panama Corporations
  • Panama IBC must appoint a registered agent. Registered agents are professional management services companies, trust companies, law firms or practicing lawyers
  • Registered agents are not required to hold records for companies
  • Directors and shareholders can be natural as well as legal persons
  • Panama Corporations are protected by strong privacy laws
  • A minute book and stock register must be maintained and can be held anywhere in the world
  • A registered office must be held in Panama
  • No obligation to have a Seal for the Panama company
  • The share capital of a Panama Corporation does not have to be paid-in at the time of incorporating. No time frame is stated for fully paying in the authorized share capital.
  • No obligation to hold annual general meetings. If held, an AGM can be conducted anywhere in the world
  • Meetings can be held via any means of electronic communication
  • Panama corporation shares can be issued in any recognizable currency
  • No obligation to file books and records with Panamanian authorities

The Panama companies we offer are set up with three nominee directors.

About Panama

Panama is a quickly developing Spanish speaking country located between Costa Rica and Columbia. Panama is known for its canal, the Panama Canal, which links South and Central America, but also known as an offshore financial center with best services for formation of offshore companies called Panama Corporations.

PANAMA QUICK FACTS Official Name: Republic of Panama Country’s Capital: Panama City Nationality: Panamanian No. of Inhabitants: 3,405, 813 Official Language: Spanish Location: Central America Total Land Area: 75,515 km² Political Status: Presidential Representative Democratic Republic Political Heads: President Election Cycle: Once every 4 years Main Economic Sectors: Tourism, Services, Trade, Agriculture, Manufacturing Ruling Political Party: Democratic Revolutionary Party Climate: Tropical, with relative humidity Ethnic Composition: Mestizo, Mulatto, European, Amerindian, Afro-Caribbean Currency: Balboa (PAB) Exchange Rate: 1PAB = 1USD Religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant, Bahá’í