International Business Company Incorporation

Incorporating an International Business Corporation online is simple when you follow these easy steps; you will be on your way to owning an international business company with optional services such as an offshore bank account.

Step 1: SELECT PACKAGE — The full list of offshore companies is located in a table below these instructions. Once you have read through the steps, select the offshore company package you want.

Step 2: COMPLETE FORM — Once you click on your selected package, the secure online form will open in the window. Each form is specific to its package; you must complete the form with all the necessary information.

Step 3: CHOOSE PAYMENT OPTION — Please select your preferred payment option from the drop down menu and press the button “Create Invoice”. We accept visa, MasterCard and American express, for online payments and wire transfers, Western Union or MoneyGram.

Step 4: REVIEW YOUR ORDER — Your final invoice for the incorporation package and any other services will be shown. Please take your time and review the invoice, check that the details are correct. You may make changes to the order by pressing the “Back” button on your browser and it will bring you back to the previous form (refer to the step 2). Print or save a copy of the invoice for your records.

Step 5: SUBMIT YOUR ORDER — If you select the credit card payment, you will see a “Pay Secure Online” button. By pressing this button you will be transferred to the merchant’s page where you will finalize payment.

What happens next?

We will begin the process of registration once we have:

  1. Confirmed receipt of payments and
  2. Received your documentation

How long does it take?

  • Company incorporation can be accomplished in a day, providing we have received all the documents, your package should be prepared within three days (eight for Panama foundations). We will send your offshore company kit by courier post and you will receive an email with tracking information.

  • Worldwide delivery time takes from 1 to 5 days, depending on where you are.

  • If you order a bank account for your offshore company, all the bank account application forms will be included in the package.


Package 1 Anguilla $940 Belize $940 BVI $1340 Dominica $940 Nevis $940 N/A Seychelles $940 Package 2 Anguilla $1190 Belize $1190 BVI $1590 Dominica $1190 Nevis $1190 Panama $1190 Seychelles $1190